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What aspects of CMM are the customers concerned about


Three coordinates measuring instrument has a relatively perfect system, after evaluating the product elements, also will be able to edit the report model, and to specify the format of the output report, see there are many advantages on the performance needs of customers will be tempted, in addition, there are many aspects are customers are concerned, this also is helpful for reverse for upgrading products.

1. Whether the product is convenient to operate
Many CMM have complex structures but it is the perfect structure design that also helps them to reflect the obvious advantages. However, for most customers, we all hope that the product is convenient to use, the operation is not difficult, many of the most trading volume of the style can be done without contact to scan objects, the measurement speed is also relatively improved, which is more popular in most applications.

2. Whether the product quality is reliable
Customers are also concerned about the quality and reliability of CMM products. Accurate measurement data and stable and durable performance are also aspects of product evaluation. Before tools, the human body was an objective measuring instrument. Now, with the exploration of digital technology, new practical machines are emerging more and more, and gradually evolved into time-tested quality inspection products.

3. Whether the product maintenance is simple
Many measuring instruments in addition to quality control, but also gradually spread to the reverse engineering and rapid prototyping, and other fields, some trigger type probe can be used to record and measure the parts and points on the surface of the object, it also derived a problem, is to probe used multiple times there must be some wear and tear, and probes on the accuracy of the data it is very important, So the maintenance of the instrument is important or can not skip the maintenance of the probe, maintenance is simple and convenient, for customers is also more economic, more can improve the reputation of the product.

Some CMM are specially designed for small objects and parts, and are more suitable for production workshops, especially open passage with three volumes, which is convenient to use in relatively fixed stations. If you want to face the detection of larger objects and components, the requirements of the instrument are more perfect, at this time the customer's attention to the product is different.