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The meaning of the three coordinates


The thinker Marx once said: "Laborproductivitydevelopscontinuouslywiththecontinuousprogressofscienceandtechnology" (labor productivity is along with the advance of science and technology and the continuous development of) this sentence although ancient Still in line with modern development, today's society has developed many devices to increase productivity, and Zeiss CMM is a more useful device compared to other devices to increase productivity.

Modern industrial development can be said to be in full swing, but the further the development at the same time will increase the difficulty, designers are more and more difficult to calculate the process, especially in the design of geometry, must not have the slightest error, or may lead to the whole plate are lost. Just when the designer headache, the appearance of Zeiss three coordinates is particularly important.

This device is designed for the better development of the industry, before this, people can only take a ruler to industrial measurement, such accuracy is not guaranteed, and with the industrial development for accuracy requirements more and more *, ruler measurement is particularly chicken rib. Zeiss three coordinates can replace traditional ruler measurement, its accuracy is more * and the measured time is lower, can save a lot of development time, put measure space, the measuring objects are the coordinates of each test point will be calculated, according to the coordinates can be better measured values, the accurate does not lose efficiency at the same time, this is one of its advantages. Although its original intention is to be used in industry, but its limitations are far from so narrow, it can also be used in aviation development, military development and even small parts, car development, its role is not comparable to other tools.

All in all, the significance of Zeiss CMM is obviously great for us. Its appearance increases the development efficiency and accuracy of designers, and enables all walks of life to develop various practical products more accurately and efficiently.