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Three coordinate measuring machine introduction


Three coordinate measuring machine to the measurement of standard DuDu and efficiency good, strong adaptability and so on how technology advantages, is widely applied in all kinds of auto industrial machinery, instrumentation equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry, automobile and civil space manned space flight and other machinery industry, used for automobile machinery parts and components of various geometric shapes and size, form, and by mistake Poor CMM is the darling of many of today's tech industries.

Its working principle is in the three-dimensional measurable space range, can detect the workpiece according to the probe system, return the point data on the workpiece surface, through the three-dimensional software system to calculate all kinds of geometric shape, size and other measuring ability of the instrument.

Its product categories are mainly the following: according to the product technical level type classification is less than CMM, there are mainly a variety of digital image display and digital printing type, with a variety of computer interface for data processing type, computer digital control type; According to the small range of product measurement less than CMM, there are mainly small three coordinate scale measuring machine, medium-sized three coordinate scale measuring machine, large three coordinate scale measuring machine; According to the product type larger than CMM, there are mainly precision CMM, middle and low precision CMM; According to the type of main structure parts less than CMM, there are mainly movable bridge type and fixed bridge type.

On the three coordinate measuring machine learning problem, the key to understand how to establish the coordinate system, based on you are CNC, to learn three coordinate drawing will be easier. Generally different manufacturer production equipment supporting the use of programming software is different, so use are different, so the general equipment factory manufacturers can provide relevant training, usually one or two this machine use the tutorial to clients, where the introduction is very detailed, as long as careful look at the tutorial, and actual operation can learn to self-study, Only some places still need someone to give directions.