Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine
  • Air ProTravel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine
  • Air ProTravel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine
  • Air ProTravel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine

Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine

Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine is an economical model designed and manufactured by Suzhou Keystone Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd,which is professional at manufacturing Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine in China. With 20 years’ experience in the vision measuring industry,our OMM is hot sale in South-east and south Asia with good price and stability. We endeavor to provide good quality to you and be your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine

1.Product Introduction of Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine

This Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine can accurately measure points, lines, circles and other elements, and has a powerful report output function, which is especially suitable for measuring a wide range of products in large quantities. The simple and integrated design allow us to build the machine with lower cost, in the meantime keep the high measuring accuracy and best performance. Users are able to enjoy the advantage of high efficiency and labor cost saving from this Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine with very low price.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine

Model Number


Measuring Range(X/Y/Z, mm)


Accuracy(X/Y, um)


Accuracy(Z, um)


Loading Weight




Zoom Lens





Programmable4 rings, 8 sections surface ring light, programmable parallel contour light

3.Product Feature And Application of Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine 

Travel 300*200mm Manual Video Measuring Machine is designed and developed by Ksitong, which is a popular model fit for most of the accurate 2D dimension measuring application and end users from different industries, as Mold, Electronics, Semi conductor, Plastic Injection, 3C products, Medical care, Aviation...etc.

4.Product Details

Software function introduction: 

1. Light source control: Full computer control light source, click the switch to select the light, and drag the slider to control the light intensity. And can adjust the beginning and brightness in the programming process, enter the program; the four phases of the upper light source can independently control the beginning, Brightness and darkness, light up the measured object in any direction, and increase the adaptability of the machine. 
2. Continuous zooming: no need to re-image correction after each zooming, and can be changed and zoomed in during measurement and programming Magnification, you can use different magnifications to measure different parts of the same object and enter the program. Greatly improve measurement efficiency (optional). 
3. Autofocus: The computer automatically determines the focus surface to ensure the accuracy of each focus and reduce the errors caused by human judgment. Improve the reproducibility of the focus, make the image after focusing to be the best, thus also improve the accuracy of subsequent measurements, and can be programmed Insert the autofocus into the program to eliminate the possible height difference of the batch products and enter the program. 
4. Photometric indication: guide the user to adjust the brightness of the light source to the optimal intensity, reducing the uncertainty caused by human. 
5. Coordinate function: There is no need to manually adjust the vertical position when measuring the work-piece. The software provides coordinate translation, rotation, and alignment. 
6. Marking function: directly mark / move dimensions, points, lines, circles / arcs and endpoints, midpoints, center points, Quadrant points are automatically captured. 
7. Self-adaptive function: CCD parameter setting can be adjusted to improve self-adaptive force; burr removal function can be used to obtain measurement data correctly. 
8. Automatic capture: Use the image tool to quickly and automatically capture the boundary points of basic geometric contours and directly fit lines, circles, and arcs. 9. Surveying and mapping function: mechanical graphics can be in .dxf format to realize 2D copy function, and AutoCAD, Pro / e, UG Wait for other software to connect seamlessly. directly output 
10. Photograph function: enlarge the video output of the work-piece in the measurement area and convert it into (.bmp, .jpg). 
11. Measurement report: Tolerance can be set for the measurement data, automatic judgment is made, the required measurement data is selected, and generated. Standard WORD, EXCEL chart report.
12. Programming function: Easy-to-operate self-learning teaching software, the program can be repeatedly executed. programming 13. SPC function: Independent SPC software, directly read the measurement data, analyze the data, and get the required

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